by designer Øyvind Rønning


Quick something. I don’t know.


Fastfood – wallpaper

Here’s another wallpaper I did a while ago… Only one size (1920×1200). Download it here if you want!


Festive wallpaper

Here’s a festive wallpaper I made a few weeks ago. Only one size: click here to download


Some DJ-art

I did some identity/graphics-work for a musician I know. DJ’s like it abstract.

Sphere displacement

A displacement-animation and render-practice done a while back in Cinema.

Nothing but cubes

This was my submission for Greyscalegorilla’s five second projects. The theme was nothing but cubes – here’s a list of the winners.

  • Wood_wallpaper1
  • Wood_wallpaper2
  • Wood_wallpaper3
  • Wood_wallpaper4

Wood wallpapers

Here’s a few abstract wood-themed wallpapers. Grab them here if you want! They’re all 1440×900. Wood wallpaper #1 Wood wallpaper #2 Wood wallpaper #3 Wood wallpaper #4